INTRODUCING………. another avenue to make more money just by referring people to purchase brand new top quality OEM parts with warranty. Due to your knowledge about cars and the necessary spare parts that they use, this will be very easy for you. When anyone wants to buy a car part, let's say a battery or brake pads, ask them to buy from Autofactor and they can make the purchase. (They can either order directly from the website (, via whatsapp or phone call to 09081155505) After purchase, you just need to forward the name of the buyer via SMS or Whatsapp to 08052071176 and your sale will be logged in against your name.

Categories available and percentage returns

Platinum Category

Make sales of all parts of N500,000 and above monthly and earn 7-8% of the sales. (Earn at least N40,000)

Gold Category

Make sales between N200,000 and N499,999 monthly and earn 7% of total sales. (Earn at most N34,999)

Silver Category

Make Sales between N100,000 and N199,999 monthly and earn 5% of total sales. (Earn at most N9,999)

Payment plan schedule

All payments are to be made by the first Friday of the next month.

Referral bonuses

Refer and earn N1,000 if you invite anyone to join the AUTOFACTOR marketing team and makes a sale above N8,000 Refer 10 people in total and get N10,000 extra to the initial N1,000 per referral.

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